As a boutique consulting practice providing web-based consulting services to small business owners and real estate investors, we understand that information often has value only if you can get it when you need it to make the decisions that affect your business. Our services include delivery of both general, topical content, in a 'discussion' format featuring a wide range of business professionals, as well as private, 
one-to-one consulting sessions. Whether connecting via private discussion groups, webinars, or video conferencing sessions, we deliver the information you need -- when you need it. Get started today!
A complete. online Professional Team for real estate investors:
Tax, Legal, Insurance, Lenders, Inspectors & more...
Online Q&A for Real Estate Partners & Partnerships, public
discussion & private one-to-one consulting forums...

Collaborative, cloud-based accounting & information reporting
systems for Real Estate Investors... (coming soon)

Online Q&A for IRA investors:  Roth conversions, 
Form  990-T preparation, IRA loans, IRA partners & more...